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Welcome to MacForge

MacForge is your source to find open source projects out on the net that work on the Mac, or are likely to work on the Mac. Thanks to MacForge, there's no need to sift through huge listings of open source that you can't use.

Start by choosing one of the categories below, or on the navigation bar to the left. After each category, in parentheses, is the number of projects in that category. If you'd like additional control, apply the filters in the upper right corner to narrow your search.

There are three kinds of open source projects that apply to the Mac.

  • Those that work immediately, and have been tested on the Mac (aka Mac projects)
  • Those that have a good change of working on the Mac, but have not been tested (aka Mac/nix projects)
  • Those that will need porting to get to the Mac.

MacForge handles Mac and Mac/nix projects, but not the third group as it's beyond the scope of what MacForge tries to accomplish. By default, you'll see all explicitly Mac as well as "Mac/nix" projects, but if you want to limit the view to those explicitly on the Mac, or only Mac/nix, simply use the toggle links in the upper right corner as you move into the category pages.

MacForge is a service to the community brought to you by MacTech Magazine. Originally a programmer's only magazine, today MacTech is a 20+ year old print publication for anyone who is interested in technical Mac information ... from network administrators to programmers, from solution providers to Enterprise, and in general anyone that's interested in the Macintosh beyond the user level. Click here to see what our issues look like.

Software Categories

BBS (583)Chat (2344)Conferencing (429)
Email (1456)Fax (40)FIDO (20)
File Sharing (1261)Ham Radio (78)Internet Phone (164)
RSS Feed Readers (56)Streaming (246)Synchronization (37)
Telephony (410)Usenet News (136)  
Database Engines/Servers (598)Front-Ends (1871)  
Desktop Environment
Fonts (6)Gnome (182)K Desktop Environment (KDE) (110)
Screen Savers (32)Window Managers (86)  
Administration (41)Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) (584)Library (431)
Testing (376) 
Formats and Protocols
Data Formats (2068)Protocols (640)  
Board Games (836)Card Games (269)Console-based Games (150)
First Person Shooters (444)Flight simulator (11)Game development framework (99)
Hobbies (43)MMORPG (88)Multi-User Dungeons (MUD) (637)
Multiplayer (120)Puzzle Games (606)Real Time Strategy (479)
Real Time Tactical (7)Role-Playing (1435)Side-Scrolling/Arcade Games (567)
Simulation (875)Sports (36)Turn Based Strategy (753)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (338)Finger (8)Log Analysis (304)
Name Service (DNS) (164)Other file transfer protocol (25)SSH (Secure SHell) (7)
WAP (100)WWW/HTTP (12732)  
Mobile (127)
Cataloguing (61)DVD (31)Graphics (3801)
Home Theater PC (43)Sound/Audio (2270)Video (895)
Desktop Publishing (22)E-Commerce / Shopping (145)Enterprise (1461)
Financial (1528)Insurance (4)Knowledge Management (53)
Office Suites (269)Project Management (559)Report Generators (16)
Scheduling (967)Time Tracking (312)To-Do Lists (324)
Other/Nonlisted Topic (1859)
Printing (316)
Religion and Philosophy
Humanitarianism (2)New Age (21)  
Artificial Intelligence (1454)Astronomy (171)Bio-Informatics (948)
Chemistry (280)Earth Sciences (168)Ecosystem Sciences (86)
Electronic Design Automation (EDA) (214)GIS (356)Human Machine Interfaces (383)
Information Analysis (858)Interface Engine/Protocol Translator (150)Linguistics (62)
Mapping (40)Mathematics (1238)Mechanical and Civil Engineering (33)
Medical Science Apps. (417)Molecular Science (162)Physics (456)
Quantum Computing (5)Robotics (218)SCADA (4)
Simulations (893)Test and Measurement (56)Visualization (1167)
Anti-Malware (10)Anti-Spam (7)Anti-Virus (7)
Cryptography (620)Password manager (13)  
Genealogy (78)History (50)Politics (11)
Psychology (13)Voting (7)  
Software Development
Agile development tools (62)Algorithms (570)Application Servers (91)
Assemblers (2)Binary editors (2)Build Tools (1223)
CASE (154)Code Generators (1555)Collaborative development tools (38)
Compilers (781)Cross Compilers (78)Debuggers (367)
Design (321)Documentation (356)Frameworks (3097)
I18N (Internationalization) (170)Interpreters (829)L10N (Localization) (121)
Libraries (425)Modeling (374)Object Brokering (268)
Object Oriented (976)ORM (Object-relational mapping) (31)Profiling (134)
Quality Assurance (427)Source code analysis (41)Source code browsing (10)
Source code review (16)Templates (27)Testing (684)
Usability (170)User Interfaces (1068)Version Control (409)
Virtual Machines (167) 
Archiving (771)Benchmark (116)Boot (72)
Clustering (216)Cron and scheduling (9)Distributed Computing (710)
Embedded systems (26)Emulators (275)File Management (366)
Filesystems (297)Hardware (493)Home Automation (15)
Installation/Setup (265)Logging (416)Networking (1907)
Operating System Kernels (239)OS distribution (5)Power (UPS) (16)
Search (138)Software Distribution (299)Storage (61)
System Shells (144)Systems Administration (1469)  
Serial (35)Telnet (78)Terminal Emulators/X Terminals (63)
Text Editors
Computer Aided Translation (CAT) (10)Documentation (155)Emacs (95)
Integrated Development Environments (IDE) (497)Text Processing (610)Vi/Vim (4)
Word Processors (184) 
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