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Database Environment
Development Status
Intended Audience
Operating System
Programming Language
User Interface

         Board Games (836 projects)
         Card Games (269 projects)
         Console-based Games (150 projects)
         First Person Shooters (444 projects)
         Flight simulator (11 projects)
         Game development framework (99 projects)
         Hobbies (43 projects)
         MMORPG (88 projects)
         Multi-User Dungeons (MUD) (637 projects)
         Multiplayer (120 projects)
         Puzzle Games (606 projects)
         Real Time Strategy (479 projects)
         Real Time Tactical (7 projects)
         Role-Playing (1435 projects)
         Side-Scrolling/Arcade Games (567 projects)
         Simulation (875 projects)
         Sports (36 projects)
         Turn Based Strategy (753 projects)
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